How do I clean my bag?

See our 'Product Care' page.

Where is my bag made?

In our working studio in Hancock, Maine, USA. Each bag is hand crafted from start to finish. 

Is this lobstermen’s rope? Does it soften?

Yes it is! The same rope local lobstermen use to tether their buoys to their traps. Depending on the rope, yes. Most brands we use will soften with use.

Where do you get all these prints?

From sketch to color schemes we design them in our studio then the designs are sent out for printing at a facility in the USA. 

Are there pockets in the bags?

Absolutely! Each tote contains three slip pockets, two small (ideal for cellphones and sunglasses) and one large (ideal for wallets, books or our wristlets). Our NEW Offshore Weekender does come with a zippered pocket ideal for smaller travel necessities (toiletries). 

Will a cell-phone fit in a Wristlet?

Yes! Our wristlets are designed to hold all the essentials. Phone, checkbook, pens, keys and they also include to credit card slots for ID and credit/debit cards. 

Does a credit card fit in the coin purse? 

It can be done with a little effort but is not recommended. 

For more questions please contact us at info@seacrowcompany.com or 207-422-2459